Compromise Agreement Lawyers

What is a Compromise Agreement?

A UK Compromise Agreement [or Settlement Agreement as it has been more correctly known since July 2013] is the most effective way to resolve any employment dispute without the need for court proceedings. Our specialist Compromise Agreement Lawyers offer the independent legal advice that is necessary under the terms of any compromise agreement. One of our lawyers will also put their name to your agreement, proving that both you and your employer have received separate and independent legal advice in coming to terms.

Why choose us as your Compromise Agreement Lawyers?

  • We are experts — with a growing team of Compromise Agreement specialists.
  • We offer FREE legal advice — usually, employers will pay the legal costs for advice on compromise agreements.
  • Our lawyers negotiate — advising on compromise agreements should not simply be a rubber stamping task. Although the terms of many agreements are quite reasonable, there are often opportunities, especially for better paid and more senior employees, for us to negotiate a better termination package for you
  • Our lawyers don’t need to meet you — if it’s more convenient for you to avoid travelling to our offices, we can advise you by e-mail and phone only — compromise agreements are easily sent by e-mail.
  • We have high client approval ratings — in a recent client survey, 95% said our legal services were “excellent” or “good”, and a further 98% were happy to “recommend the firm to others”. We have grown by 1000% in just the last 13 years, by simply providing a great legal service.

How Our Compromise Agreement Lawyers can help

  • By providing the independent legal advice required for compromise agreements to be enforceable.
  • By explaining the meaning of clauses in the agreement.
  • By advising you if the terms are fair.
  • By advising you on the employment options open to you if you are unhappy with your agreement.
  • By entering negotiations, if required, with your employer for improved terms.
  • By advising you on the most tax efficient method of receiving any payment under your compromise agreement

From our offices in Salisbury, Andover, Verwood and Amesbury, our team of specialist solicitors regularly advise on compromise agreements in Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and UK wide, providing clear, practical legal advice.

Your Compromise Agreement – Don’t forget our FREE initial phone consultation

Contact our Compromise Agreement Lawyers now. Wherever you are based, we can swiftly help you to a satisfactory, final settlement. If you need advice on a UK Compromise Agreements, talk to our lawyers first. For fast, expert legal advice

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